Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis – EIA/FDEI

Last night was the second time, over the span of a month, I’ve experienced Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (although, I think it may be more of a food related issue vice Exercise) lets delve into this topic for a moment.

I had dinner around 530ish in the evening, I scheduled some phone calls for a post-meal walk, to aid in digestion .. dinner was simple and light, bit of grass-fed ground beef with 1 boiled egg, a bit of kimchi … I went out on my walk, made my phone calls which took up about 1.5 hours of time, good walking and talking was had.

I returned home, slightly hungry again, I felt the need to put down a little fuel before I started getting ready to go out for a run, so I quickly reached for a table spoon, took half a tablespoon of honey to evelate my sugar levels for quick energy, and then a table spoon or two of black-strap molasses on a couple (2-3) premium plus WHEAT containing crackers..  I go up stairs and suck back a pu’erh coffee tea, pop 2grams of CLA (congjugated linoleic acide – aids in metabolizing fats for energy) and I took 1 Tablespoon of L-Carnitine which is also another fat metabolizing supplement .. 2 Tabs of Gingseng for (1000mg) for stamina – endurance factors.

I ventured out, full of good positive energy, circulating my breathing from inhaling through my nose and exhaling through the mouth… at different intervals I like to simply practice NOSE-ONLY breathing on my runs, which is just that, inhaling and exhaling only through the nasal cavities .. this aids with posture, gets me to focus on my cadence and enables me to run farther longer … when I becomes tough, I’ll take a breath and exhale through the mouth a few times, resuming nose breathing or revert back to circulating my breath, taking in oxygen through the nose and exhaling the carbon through the mouth … its a great practice, and I highly reccomend any runners reading this, if you haven’t experimented with this, try it out! See how it benefits you, and if it doesn’t let me know, and why in the comments, I’d love to explore that with you…

So I’m out running its roughly -9 degrees out, I’m dressed appropriately for the weather, and I have my head-lamp on .. I’m enjoying my run, even as blowing snow starts to hit.. I can see the reflection of the snow flakes whizzing by from the light of my headlamp.. and It looks soo cool.. I imagine the snowflakes to be “Data Packets” varying in size which are varied size of Data packets that travel wirelessly and invisibly from PCs and Laptops through the air to routers and Access Points .. wireless communication is invisible to the human eye.. but running with snow passing infront of you gives the perception you are running through a bunch of data packets (I’m a cyber security student – so forgive my nerdy analogy LOL) .. one could also describe it as a scene out of star wars or something similar where you’re traversing space and the snowflakes are like stars essentially ..

12 km’s into my run, I notice a small itch devleloping near my underarm, almost as if a rash is starting to form, and I instantly recognized that itch from a month previous when I last had a case of Hives – post exercise… Now, I’m running by feel, I’m not motivated by time and pace at this point in the run so, it was a comfortable level of effort, to the point I was enjoying some laughs from the conversations I had earlier that evening out on my walk…

The itch sort of subsided, but soon as I reached the house and stopped moving, once inside getting ready for a shower and stripping off the clothing, I started to break out in hives again, and started scratching my entire body (probably not wise to do, but its very difficult to resist) from head to toe I’m severly itchy .. like I’ve never smoked meth or crack but I liken it to something like that where your detoxing from those drugs and its just a rampant itch that consumes your entire being .. having been here before I felt kind of frustrated because I like to imagine I’m a moderately healthy person – which I am .. and having these sorts of symptoms catch you off guard can be pretty disturbing and a little concerning … I prep for a shower, go grab some water, and in the process of getting a glass of ice water, I start to feel like I’m about to black out .. I muster up some strength and make it back to the upstairs bathroom and sit down for about 10 minutes, strenght regained I enter the shower and do my business .. post shower, I grab a grapefruit and when I returned to the bedroom upstairs, something wasn’t right, still feeling off after that rampage.. I head back into the bathroom with the sensation of throwing up building up … sure enough, I threw up 4 times in the toilet… black from the black strap molasses and everything else I ate that evening…

After having read a few articles about Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis and Food Dependant Exercise Anaphylaxis … I’ve come to the conclusion or theory it was the WHEAT in those crackers that set me off to have this allergic response, but I cannot verify this, I only suspect it. The reason being, is Friday night (2 nights prior) I ate an organic thin crust pizza (contains wheat to some exten I’m pretty sure) and 4 hours later I was out running and had a great time, and symptom free post run, so maybe its different types of wheat that trigger me I don’t know.

I’m half convinced I should consult with a nutritionist or get an allergy test done, but I’d like to know first, if any of you out there have experienced similar or relatable symptoms to what I have just described?

Below are the stats from my run, overall I am pleased to have finally got a long distance run in, its been a while since I’ve done any jogging over 12-13 km so I was happy to be reassured I haven’t lost any of my running mojo since the snow has arrived .. I have been doing stationary running on treadmills at my local Goodlife fitness to create an “No excuses” mentality to at least run 8-10km every time I go there which is about 4 – 5 times a week .. I don’t want to lose my running base / foundation over the winter, So i think this is a good strategy .. but lets face it, nothing beats the Running we receive as a gift from running in the GREAT OUTDOORS .. something about that fresh air, and moving your body fluidly, freely, and running your mind out of thoughts is more enticing than saddling up on the good ol’ reliable dreadmills at gym or fitness club  LOL.


More Information on EIA / FDEI

Killer Workouts : Exercise induced Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis FactSheet (pdf)

Food Dependent Induced Anaphylaxis (US National Library of Medicine)

Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (Feeling the Wrong kind of Burn) – Food Allergy Canada

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Another entry from November

18 November 2018 @930pm

I watched a highly motivating and eye opening video that basically summarizes one of my favourite books called “the power of the subconscious mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy

This is by far one of if not the best book I’ve ever read.. apart from Russ Perry’s – The Sober Entrepreneur– which by the way of you’re recovering from an addiction be it alcohol or drugs or both like me.. that book was a fabulous read.. hit home for me on multiple fronts.. anyway back to the subconscious mind..

I will never forget the amount of irony behind this book. I found it while working for a local trash company in Ottawa.. people tend to throw out their libraries from time to time.. why I don’t know.. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to just donate your books.. probably more convenient to lug it to the curb for me to take it away.. (note I no longer work at that job, that’s a blog post on its own lol)

So it was paper week, and I have a habit of rummaging through people’s bins especially when they weigh like 50kg and you gotta toss out the contents above waist height.. so to my discovery I found that title by Dr. Joseph Murphy .. here’s a picture

So the video I mentioned watching summed up this book .. the video was of Dr. Joe Dispenza on Tom Bilyeu’s IMPACT THEORY podcast/Vlog on YouTube so the break down is like this






SO, simply put, having the same thoughts each day will bring about the same choices, leading to the same behaviours, driving the same experiences resulting in the SAME EMOTIONS… so then the obvious answer or workaround to this must be something like…


Positive CHOICES




Positive thoughts will enable positive choices to be made, leading to positive behaviours and positive experiences resulting in positive emotions…

Our mind is like a sponge and we need to treat it as such.. feed it a healthy diet of good vibes and thoughts and reap a healthy harvest.. change your internal and the external will have to change.. it will have no choice, so don’t give it the option!!

Treat your mind like soil.. only plant the good plants (thoughts) and there will be no extra room for weeds (bad thoughts) to grow or manifest 🙂

The Power or Your Subconscious Mind -Audio book – Dr. Joseph Murphy

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7 Nov 18 Journal entry

I Wrote this on 7 Nov 18 @10 pm – exactly a month ago yesterday..

MY Son

Tonight I cry for my son, as I study his baby photos in sheer amazement and awe, reflecting on the times that I was not mentally present or stable in his life. This experience and thought leaves me with a feeling of wishing to be able to turn back time, to those moments which are forever gone, leaves a void of aching sadness that reaches my bones.

Being away or living away from him has been the hardest thing I’ve had to endure, by far. I can look at it as a punishment but that’s not a healthy way to interpret all of this. I must, with all my inner strength interpret this as a way in which I am consistently working to make myself  the best father for him by focusing on my own health and inner peace, to where I can be a much greater support and influence for him when he will need it most. That is not to say that a child of his age does not need their father around, but if you were in my position back then, it would be in your interest, to get your shit together so you can have a much better impact on him later (positive one) 

I must be grateful and thankful, that he has a wonderful mother caring for him the way he needs. She is his super-mom, and I am thankful that she is such a kindred spirit. She has enabled me to discover myself and to become a greater person I thought I ever deserved to be, which is a really big gift to receive, its the best gift I’ve ever received, even-though it required me to go through a temporary period of pain, the pain didn’t last, it never does, but it was a lot while I was in it, and because of it I am in a much better place, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  (thank-you)

Sometimes our little guy can be a lot work, but, in reassurance, he is always worth it, ALWAYS. 

I come from a place where for the longest time, I told myself “I never want children” and now that I have a son, he is by far the best person I have in my life when I am able to visit with him, he continues to be my source of inspiration and motivation, he helps me learn about myself, and the world we share together. I love him with every strand of my DNA, there is nothing that could change that. Each moment I get to spend with him is a true gift. Presently we are learning the drums, and he really enjoys the electronic set I have purchased.. its a medium which we bond through together.

There is so much more I want to experience with him, and for him to experience, I could literally fill an encyclopedia.

Ultimately, I want the very best for him, and my life has taken new meaning for him and myself since I started to focus on my personal development. I have been learning to navigate adulthood without substances, which was tricky at first, kind of like walking ontop of eggshells to be honest, but the more I do it, or stick with it, the better I feel and the easier it gets.

Junior, I love you madly, and if you someday read this, I look forward to a lifetime of joy and experiences together with you

Love your Father,

xoxox Joshua 

Last nights run/adventure

Good Fun last night, my Friday evening gallivant around the town, running under the stars in the countryside is an amazingly breathtaking experience… I love every minute of it, and tonight hopefully we have some clear skies again, as I intend to make another journey in the evening if the roads aren’t too bad, I can see the snow coming down right now as I type this.. at any rate, even if its a small 5-8km run this evening factoring in the road conditions then I’ll be happy enough.. I need to upgrade my current footwear to that of a winter-running boot .. yes they make these.. (Saucony Razor Ice) something I’ve been meaning to get as they have some great peer reviews with respect to their level of traction on snow and ice..

below are the stats from last night, followed up with a post run snack .. overall I am happy with how I spend time with myself, by myself as of late, compared to earlier in the year when I was still very stuck and working through some personal matters (ending relationship, separation from my son, while relapsing into addiction as a result of separation and family problems) those hurdles are behind me now, and its actually (the addiction) I’ve been chipping away at for over a year steady now, and can comfortably say, Its pretty much water under the bridge .. at this point I have no reasons to set sail back into those murky waters.. so I am equally happy and grateful on that point to have that distance between the old self and the new self.

Pre-run energy Juice, custome.. Black28 Acai with some PVL L-Carnitine and 1000mg of Gingseng.

Here’s the route I ran, its a fun loop I often frequent.. though a change might be in order for tonight, just to keep things fresh ya’know.

Post run snack was the following light meal..

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Passive-Agressive, Toxic People/Parents/Colleagues/Co-Workers

First off, lets just determine and or define exactly what it is and what it means to be “Passive Aggressive” so there is a foundation of understanding of this notion..

Google defines it as such;

Passive Aggressive: “of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.”

Wikipedia describes a few examples as such:

“Other examples of passive-aggressive behavior might include avoiding direct or clear communication, evading problems, fear of intimacy or competition, making excuses, blaming others, obstructionism, “playing the victim”, feigning compliance with requests, sarcasm, backhanded compliments, and hiding anger.”

Some examples of passive-aggressive behavior I have directly experienced and witnessed are, for example, coming home to answer the same routine question over and over about “my day”, when in fact the person delivering the question has no real sincere interest about it at all (and I know this because the conversation never moves past that point, unless I ask or initiate otherwise).. this person is almost robotic or an autopilot program executes in their brain “Must ask Josh how school was, but nothing more nothing less” must be the script that overrides any other form of conversation when I would walk through the door when I would come home from school, as if to say that, that is the only important thing happening in my life .. why not ask “how did your day go today?” “Did you get to workout today?”  “how are you feeling today?” are a little more personable than a quick insincere”How was school?” like all that matters is school and performance in that setting… To be frank I find that a pretty underhanded question, especially when its a day in day out routine.. It exposes how insincere that person is.

Another example of passive-aggressive communication would be, if there was or is an issue at play, instead of directly communicating that issue, or problem to me, as an adult, they skirt around behind my back and communicate that through an auxiliary channel of communication, either through another person (father) if the mother is passive-aggressive with the issue or Father – to Mother (if the father is the passive-aggressive with the issue) .. but in my case, its more or less the step-mother figure who has the most passive-aggressive tendencies .. My father a little less so.. they both have “Text muscles” and I’ve started to notice that also with other people, I am no better I have been quite guilty of that myself, but I am now at a point in my life, where I have no or little interesting in texting an THESIS when I can simply call the other person and deliver an effective communication through using my voice, its less labor-intensive and slightly more personable, something I think a lot of us could benefit from, in this new “Text-Era” we are all too heavily invested in.

Another theme with respect to passive-aggressive in the household I’ve encountered is stuff about my health, “You look sick” “hey you’re starting to look like a POW (prisoner of war)” snide/underhanded comments about my health, because I’m a healthier and thinner version of my past self, threatens them and makes them feel insecure about their own image. Very toxic, and very uncalled for, and then after the POW comment I’m told “Laugh a little” or something along those lines because I didn’t crack a smile or laugh, as if to say that, I should humor your comment, when in fact, I don’t know where the humor in such a remark lies.. Imagine for a minute if I went around and made comments to my parents about their weight “hey you look like a bag of doritoes” “Dad you look as soft as that ben and jerrys your eating all the time” oh by the way laugh, its just a joke… that would get me kicked out of here faster than most people can blink… but yet for them its “joke” and they get to say package it up as such.. Passive Aggressive at work..

Passive-Aggressive is a form of toxicity, some people are aware they do this, which is even more toxic, and some are just blatantly- ignorant that they even do this LOL.. both we must learn to forgive the actors in either situation, they are sick and need help, yet often cannot see this as such.

It is up to us, to Empower and arm yourself with knowledge so you know how to handle a passive-aggressive interaction or if you’re in a similar situation, make the best out of living along side those people until you make it to greener pastures … in the mean time, I highly recommend you watch this video,

the video publisher made a very well documented video (not very visual) but highly informative content with respect to the topic here at hand, he also made a great book recommendation which I will support and I find myself wanting to read this book also, its called Passive-aggression : a guide for the therapist, the patient, and the victim / Martin Kantor.

Knowing how passive-aggressive propagates itself within parents, we can see how that translates into society in general, its amazing to have that understanding and then the perspective as to why some people are exactly the way they are… being able to identify that for what it is, helps us to navigate the waters accordingly with a well adjusted compass.

Here is a great video that outlines some very useful strategies when disarming a toxic person is required, usually in most interactions.. and its to your benefit now after having identified who the passive-aggressive person or toxic people are in your day-to-day life, so you can navigate that water with a better degree of accuracy without sinking your boat!

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RESLIENCY – What is it ?

RESILIENCY – What is this idea/concept ?

Google defines: Resiliency: the Capacity to RECOVER quickly from difficulties; toughness

Resiliency – The Child who falls frequently while learning to walk, but gets back-up

RESILIENCY – What is this idea/concept ?

Google defines: Resiliency: the Capacity to RECOVER quickly from difficulties; toughness

Resiliency – The Child who falls frequently while learning to walk, but gets back-up

Resiliency – The Skateboarder that throws himself down a set of stairs MULTIPLE TIMES, just to nail a trick on camera

Resiliency – The drug addict who frequently relapses multiple times (so many they’ve lost count) but EVENTUALLY DOES quit.

Resiliency – The Boxer who gets repeatedly knocked down, but repeatedly STANDS AGAIN (Creed2)

These are all examples of what I know as resiliency, are these extreme scenarios? Not exactly, I’d say they are more realistic as to what resiliency is and requires, a deep action from a spiritual place. We are all born into this world with our own touch of resiliency.. whether we know it or care to admit it. If you are finding that the horse you are riding on continually bucks you off, or you are falling off, SADDLE up again and again, and RIDE Harder the next time you get back on. Assault whatever it is your doing/pursuing in life with GREATER INTENSITY and your POTENTIAL to achieve GREATNESS will increase – tenfold.

Without resiliency or choosing to take the easy path and stay comfortable we are effectively capping our potential and our happiness. Choosing to be resilient through tough times at home, and harsh weather at the office or on a run lets say, builds character, inner strength, and allows you to see that you can WEATHER any storm put in front of you. Stepping OUTSIDE your comfort-zone & attacking your FEARS and INSECURITIES head on, frequently, builds YOUR Resiliency.

You will start revealing to yourself, who you are the more you practice resiliency in your life, Face adversity with an OFFENSIVE GAME PLAN and ATTACK Multiple ANGLES.






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Authenticity – Small Essay

AUTHENTICITY – What does it mean to YOU ?

Here’s what I know about authenticity and what it means to me…

Being Authentic with yourself translates to, self-honesty. Through being HONEST with yourself you BECOME your Authentic-Self. This self-audit assists you to discover and reveal self-honesty and the TRUE authentic-self, to yourself LOL. Still with me?

GO to a mirror (with a pen and paper) look at yourself for a good minute or more if you’re willing to, find something you are not happy with, ponder that for a moment, don’t dwell, just casually acknowledge something you are not happy with about yourself for a short moment. Now write that down, write down also what you SEE in the mirror. Now you have established a goal or two, an area you would like to improve upon. Don’t let yourself create resistance as to why you should or should not, can or cannot pursue that goal. Fuck what your mind tells you, just be honest with yourself about areas you would like to improve with yourself that you think will give you ADDITIONAL confidence. These improvements can be simple as, for example “I want to have nice hair”, “I want to be self-sufficient”, or with more depth, “I want to be happy” ” I’m tired of being sick and tired”.

GOALS – they give direction & sight to the metaphorically blind, those of us who sometimes fail to recognize the subtle messages in life, or turn a blind eye to them and find ourselves years later down the road wondering to ourselves “who the fuck is this person” when you see yourself in that mirror.. when we’ve lost complete touch with who we are and who we think we are, we are fucking blind.

Thats okay though! I have been there, addiction took me there, and I am still here – writing – reading – running … HAPPY .. I had to persevere, trudge through my own mental trenches, but as I did so, each day got a bit easier, a bit better, and gradually I set myself up for success, which to me, is freedom of that addiction.

If you are reading this, and feeling “Lost” or “blind” in life, thats okay – just acknowledge where you are at, don’t beat yourself up over it, that is not an effective method or way to handle the situation. We most often become “lost” or “blind” because we have lost track or sight of GOALS .. Honest Goals help you grow through what you go through. They help you push yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.. and If you’re not challenging yourself in these ways, its very easy and often the case you end up feeling “lost” or stagnant in your life.

Goals and goal setting will set you up to become a better or best version of yourself!

So once you make some goals, focus on how you will achieve them. Mind map them, write them out, look at possible solutions – focus on solutions, make it a point to try and start finding and looking for the solutions when presented with a “problem” this small shift in your thinking will have a profound effect for you. No matter how big or how small your goals are – they are yours and you should look forward to achieving them.

If you have a large goal – long term, look at creating smaller goals as a “Goal Path” to reaching the overall larger goal, create a timeline, stick to it, and make it happen!

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